Research: Changing Antioxidant, Fructose, and Beta-Carotene by Only Adjusting Light Spectrum Ratios

We have spent years researching solutions for the problems all kinds of growers face: not enough plant growth, unreliable growth, low THC, low fructose, changes in taste, etc. etc. etc. We designed the Growgenics Lighting System as a one-stop solution to these issues. One of our most innovative features is our ability to create and control Custom Variable Light Spectrum Recipes. We came across some NASA research that was extraordinary: certain adjustments in light spectrum ratios allow for different growth results in different species of plants. Cary Mitchell and Gary Stutte wrote:

"For strawberry grown under SSL, for example, red + blue LEDs increased fructose and anthocyanin contents, whereas antioxidant contents were enhanced by red or blue light alone. Blue LEDs alone also hastened fruit ripening, while red alone boosted overall production (30). Thus, light prescriptions in SSL production scenarios might be developed depending on desired outcomes. In the absence of outdoor UV, blue LEDs enhanced the purple color of ‘Outredgeous’ leaf lettuce by promoting the accumulation of phenolic compounds in the leaves (Figs. 4A,B) (31). Blue light also enhanced the glucosinilate and β-carotene contents of microgreens, and of antioxidants in multiple leafy species (32)."

We were amazed. Increasing fructose content? Increasing antioxidant content? This was the solution our growers needed. We have now completed several years of in-house testing to craft light spectrum recipes that can maximize plant growth regardless of species, nearly double THC content of cannabis plants, and so much more. If you want a Custom Light Recipe for your species of plant, just let us know. We will help you grow your plants smarter not harder.

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Read the full NASA study here:

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